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pig ornament

pig ornament, originally uploaded by emlee.

Yes! Good guess friends, it's a pig! I'm sorry for the low-lit image, I'll have better ones tomorrow hopefully. These days are short and dark, which makes it difficult to get good pics.

I'll be selling three of each of my ornaments tomorrow at my shoppe. Three pigs, three frogs, and three monkeys. More on that tomorrow. I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy and warm. Any good thanksgiving plans?


Oh my goodness, a pig?! I had no idea! ;) But seriously, it looks so cute. I'm still amazed at your tiny-knitting skills, Emily. I don't know how people can do it...so small!

Going to my parents' house for Thanksgiving and spending the night (because I'll be too comatose from eating to drive home). Then I might have to go into the office over the weekend to do some work — major suckage. Hope your Thanksgiving plans are better than mine!
Thanks Kat!

Turkey-induced-sleepy-driving=danger! Good to hear that you have plans to avoid the road, but sorry that you'll be in the office! I'll be in the office friday and then going to the festival on the weekend, which I discuss in my most recent post. Happy thanksgiving, Kat! I'm always thankful for your kind interest in my posts! You are a good lj friend!


It's a pig!

I love the ornament! I am so happy to see this. Which shoppe are you referring to? Etsy right? Gosh, I haven't blogged for so long I need to get back in the groove.



lani from hawaii wants an ornament!

Hey, how do I get to your shop?! Can you send me a link? I want to buy the frog and the pig =) adding to my mle collection .... happy thanksgiving. hope you and ryan had a cozy and scrumptuous day.