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a fall view

a fall view, originally uploaded by emlee.

what does fall mean? This year is about my chilly toes. Well, it's about more than that, who wants to hear about the temperature of my toes for an entire blog post? It's also about that transformation from a green growing world in summer to a strange bare winterland. The picture I have here shows our tree fiery orange leaves through the window. As I type this a glance through the same window shows maybe a fourth of the leaves in the picture still hanging on. It's about change.

In the spirit of change, I've gathered some photos I took of the alpaca fiber we bought over the weekend! It was so fabulous to meet all of the beautiful friendly alpacas and their owners. I was so thrilled about it I forgot my camera in the car and got completely caught up in the experience. But, I took these photos after we brought it all home:

alpaca 01
This is the two main bags of fiber out on our patio. The black is from Ben and the reddish-brown is from Jefe.

alpaca 03
Here's a close-up on Jefe's fiber.

alpaca 02
Poki wanted to make sure of the quality of Jefe's fiber. I had to stop her when she started digging. ;)

All this fiber will be transformed into yarn, by me, hopefully. I just have to wash the dust out and start learning to spin. I'll be posting my progress in the future. But since fall is about all kinds of change, I'll show you what I've been transforming my yarn stash into soon!


The first photo is a great shot, Emily! The leaves on the tree in the background evoke such a cozy, happy feeling.

You're going to spin your own yarn? Wow! I can't wait to see what it looks like. And LOL at the picture of Poki burying her face in the fibers. :D
thanks kat! I am going to attempt it! Isn't Poki so funny in that pic? :D