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paintchipart #2

paintchipart #2, originally uploaded by emlee.

After my hike, when I saw this color, flower pot, I drew this image. I hope the color of the paintchip comes through better this time. I've fixed the old one as well. I'll tag both of these entries so you can view them both.

Memory is an interesting thing. Usually when I think of memory, I think of happenings, like an old video playing in my mind. But It's also smells and sensations. I'm remembering what fall is like. It's only been six years since my last, but I forgot how cold the tips of my fingers can get, and how fantastic the sound of crunching leaves beneath my shoes is, and the way a slightly chilly breeze makes my brain sharpen. I could talk about how cold it is and how much I miss those beautiful trade winds, but let's focus on the positive, yeah?

Have a beautiful week, and tomorrow, rock the vote!!



I voted!

Thank you for opening the window to your beautiful art. Yes, literally a window in the shape of a leaf. I do love the crunching leaves and I remember I used to step on them in my mom's yard. I also like the fall colors, the sight of a golden leaf dangling off a branch, just about to fall but not yet. About the cold fingers and the chilly wind, I don't miss them so much. Oh and waking up in the middle of the night to go bathroom, but so reluctant to sit on the toilet seat because it is so darn cold - I don't miss that either.

Welcome to cold cold Baltimore! Hee.


Re: I voted!

Way to vote, choo! The cold bathroom is not fun. It's not just the toilet seat, the floor tiles are freezing!

We did have beautiful weather in the 70s if you can believe it, on Saturday! It was so nice, made me remember why I love Hawaii and it's consistent temps. haha.

Thanks for the welcome....