New Beginnings

Happy New Year 01
Happy New Year! We had a good view of the inner harbor fireworks show on new years, so here's a few pictures. Today's also my birthday, so another day of pondering the year past and the year to come. ;) And to eat some cake!

I've also decided to give blogger a try. I feel that I need a new and fresh blogging start. I'll still stop by here at livejournal, but I'll be posting mostly to my new blog at This was a hard decision for me. I've been here at livejournal for so long and made so many excellent friendships, but I'm trying to see it as a continuation instead of an ending, I hope you can see it that way too! Much Aloha!

Happy New Year 02 Happy New Year 03
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Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I'm hoping. ;)

FOT setup, originally uploaded by emlee.

I feel like I need to explain myself, but I'm not sure how. I think I've hit a bit of a blogging slump. Things are happening worthy of a blog entry, but I've been unmotivated to report them here and I've been a terrible reader of other people's blogs. For that, I am sorry. I'm hoping to have a few posts in December, but I'm really hoping for a new fresh start in January, so don't expect to see me much this month. I am sorry to do this, but it's about time that I announced something instead of just waiting and hoping that I'll get inspired and excited about writing, leaving you, my kind friends, to wonder where I am. I don't like being sporadic, but that's what I've been, for actually, quite sometime.

If you have any hints on how you get yourself out of a slump, I'd love to hear them. Until next time, I leave you with these giant stacks of christmas candy that we used in the annual Festival of Trees. I'm hoping to have stacks of candy, cookies and gifts around here before long! Aloha.

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Well, the best laid plans of getting my ornaments out in the shoppe yesterday didn't make it. Now, I'll just introduce them and promise to have them up in the shoppe on Black Friday.

Collapse )This week I've been helping to set up the Festival of Trees, which is an annual event involving lots of trees, music, shopping, and fun! All the proceeds go towards Kennedy Krieger Institute. So, if you're in the Baltimore area this weekend, be sure to be there!

I wish you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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pig ornament

pig ornament, originally uploaded by emlee.

Yes! Good guess friends, it's a pig! I'm sorry for the low-lit image, I'll have better ones tomorrow hopefully. These days are short and dark, which makes it difficult to get good pics.

I'll be selling three of each of my ornaments tomorrow at my shoppe. Three pigs, three frogs, and three monkeys. More on that tomorrow. I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy and warm. Any good thanksgiving plans?

paintchipart #4

paintchipart #4, originally uploaded by emlee.

Today's paintchip is drawn called "sand dollar." This sketch came from a combination of the signage at the front of our house, regarding the eagle and the date and the Tavern signage we saw in Colonial Williamsburg. We even brought home a small Shields Tavern sign to hang in our kitchen. You can see a picture of the sign and one of Williamsburg through Collapse )
I'm doing paintchip art on a Friday this week, since I revealed my frog on Monday. I'll be revealing the final ornament this weekend and they'll be going up for sale on Tuesday in my shop.

frog ornament

frog ornament, originally uploaded by emlee.

I don't have my Monday paint chip because I went out of town last weekend to Colonial Williamsburg, VA. I'll have some pictures and a post by wednesday. For now, let me introduce my latest in the knitted ornament series. For those of you who read my blog over the past several years, you'd remember that I knit monkey ornaments the last two years. The work has now expanded with two new characters, including this little frog. He came together so quickly and smoothly! I have another character that I'm sure at least one of you will love. I'll introduce him soon, but for now, I'll just say I'm shopping for some pink worsted yarn. What a big hint!

a fall view

a fall view, originally uploaded by emlee.

what does fall mean? This year is about my chilly toes. Well, it's about more than that, who wants to hear about the temperature of my toes for an entire blog post? It's also about that transformation from a green growing world in summer to a strange bare winterland. The picture I have here shows our tree fiery orange leaves through the window. As I type this a glance through the same window shows maybe a fourth of the leaves in the picture still hanging on. It's about change.

In the spirit of change, I've gathered some photos I took of the alpaca fiber we bought over the weekend! It was so fabulous to meet all of the beautiful friendly alpacas and their owners. I was so thrilled about it I forgot my camera in the car and got completely caught up in the experience. But, I took these photos after we brought it all home: Collapse )

All this fiber will be transformed into yarn, by me, hopefully. I just have to wash the dust out and start learning to spin. I'll be posting my progress in the future. But since fall is about all kinds of change, I'll show you what I've been transforming my yarn stash into soon!

paintchipart #2

paintchipart #2, originally uploaded by emlee.

After my hike, when I saw this color, flower pot, I drew this image. I hope the color of the paintchip comes through better this time. I've fixed the old one as well. I'll tag both of these entries so you can view them both.

Memory is an interesting thing. Usually when I think of memory, I think of happenings, like an old video playing in my mind. But It's also smells and sensations. I'm remembering what fall is like. It's only been six years since my last, but I forgot how cold the tips of my fingers can get, and how fantastic the sound of crunching leaves beneath my shoes is, and the way a slightly chilly breeze makes my brain sharpen. I could talk about how cold it is and how much I miss those beautiful trade winds, but let's focus on the positive, yeah?

Have a beautiful week, and tomorrow, rock the vote!!