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New Beginnings

Happy New Year 01
Happy New Year! We had a good view of the inner harbor fireworks show on new years, so here's a few pictures. Today's also my birthday, so another day of pondering the year past and the year to come. ;) And to eat some cake!

I've also decided to give blogger a try. I feel that I need a new and fresh blogging start. I'll still stop by here at livejournal, but I'll be posting mostly to my new blog at mlesnapshot.blogspot.com. This was a hard decision for me. I've been here at livejournal for so long and made so many excellent friendships, but I'm trying to see it as a continuation instead of an ending, I hope you can see it that way too! Much Aloha!

Happy New Year 02 Happy New Year 03
Happy New Year 04 Happy New Year 05


D'oh! I really should stay better updated with my friends' birthdays. I hope your celebration was a good one!

I actually started at Blogger before joining Live Journal, but I made more friends on LJ (because I'm active in a lot of the comms), so that's why I've stayed here for so long. But I still keep a scarcely updated food blog at Blogger, so I'll probably use that handle to comment on your blog over there.

Happy new year, Emily! Here's to fresh starts. :D


Those are great fireworks shots....I can never get it right because I'm either never in an ideal location for the fireworks to look good on film. Here you have lights from the city for a bit of scope.

Now I'm off to visit your new blog!