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paintchipart #4

paintchipart #4, originally uploaded by emlee.

Today's paintchip is drawn called "sand dollar." This sketch came from a combination of the signage at the front of our house, regarding the eagle and the date and the Tavern signage we saw in Colonial Williamsburg. We even brought home a small Shields Tavern sign to hang in our kitchen. You can see a picture of the sign and one of Williamsburg through .

Shields Tavern sign
Shields Tavern sign.

colonial williamsburg 01
The walk into Williamsburg after the rain. I'll have more scenic pictures in future posts.

I'm doing paintchip art on a Friday this week, since I revealed my frog on Monday. I'll be revealing the final ornament this weekend and they'll be going up for sale on Tuesday in my shop.


I've always wanted to visit Colonial Williamsburg...saturated with American history.
I like your eagle, it looks so awesome! Hehe..."Lee Tavern." ;)
Yeah, it's so amazing! Saturated is the perfect description, it's really unbelievable.

Thanks for the eagle comment, Ryan liked it so much he wants to know when I'm making a big one to hang on the wall, haha!