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frog ornament

frog ornament, originally uploaded by emlee.

I don't have my Monday paint chip because I went out of town last weekend to Colonial Williamsburg, VA. I'll have some pictures and a post by wednesday. For now, let me introduce my latest in the knitted ornament series. For those of you who read my blog over the past several years, you'd remember that I knit monkey ornaments the last two years. The work has now expanded with two new characters, including this little frog. He came together so quickly and smoothly! I have another character that I'm sure at least one of you will love. I'll introduce him soon, but for now, I'll just say I'm shopping for some pink worsted yarn. What a big hint!


Hmm...pink yarn, eh? I have some idea of what it might be, but I'll just wait and see what it is. ;) I like your little frog, though! Reminds me a bit of Frog and Toad Are Friends. Your knitted ornaments are so well made. I'm amazed that someone could knit something so tiny. Crochet, maybe. But knit? That's crazy!
Pink, you say? I know! I know! :@)


Ooo ooooo!!!!!

I know I know! Oink Oink. I LOVE IT ALREADY!!!!!! I may order a few....hundred? Ha ha, I'm gonna hang them everywhere, in the bedroom, kitchen, nonexistent christmas tree, myself.... Oh, I can't wait. I want to do something for Christmas too but I don't have any ideas. Well, I want to create a new character or turn one of my existing characters into a christmas outfit. Hmmm.....now the wheels are turning.