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paintchipart #3

paintchipart #3, originally uploaded by emlee

The color is "morning glory."

I have been productive lately, so stay tuned over the next few days!


I really like the color of this paint chip. It's a pretty blue. And I love the way you draw with pencils — the shading looks awesome. This particular drawing reminds me of the cover of the second Mysterious Benedict Society book.
Thanks Kat! This is actually the third "house-boat" I've drawn in the past couple of months. I'm working on a big one now. I got the idea when I was thinking about our house. The previous owners told us that they thought that maybe a sea captain lived here at one time, or that's what they liked to think. So that got my mind turning about ships and houses and port cities... and this is the third version of what I came up with. I'll talk about this story more when I post my final picture. I'm hoping to frame and hang it in our house.

I thought the same thing about the cover of the second Benedict Society when I saw it, but I was thinking it reminded me of my drawing! haha.